Frequently Asked Questions


+ What's Inside

Miss Maude uses organic chocolate, fresh cream, Irish butter, cane sugar, and other exotic ingredients of the finest quality. All handmade with love and jazz in Miss Maude’s Chocolate Studio in Virginia.

  • How do you know which piece is which?

    Pull the tray out of the box and examine the bar. You will notice each piece of the bar includes a different etching. This is your map!
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  • Allergens

    Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates are manufactured on equipment that processes tree nuts, milk, and soy. In addition the chocolate contains soy lecithin, which is an emulsifier, helping to prevent the cocoa butter from separating.

+ Care & Enjoyment

Please honor, respect, and love your bar of chocolates. The best way to do this is to eat the entire bar straight away. For you will powered jazz babies, please store your chocolate in a cool dry place, between 60-70 degrees. Avoid the fridge, unless your home is melting or you work in a hot yoga studio. And if you only have one piece, fold the bar back in its wrapper and tuck it in the box to keep it fresh.

If you see a white film on your chocolate, fear not. It is simply the cocoa butter rising to the surface. It is caused by exposure to drastic changes in temperatures, such as going from a hot summer day to a cool refrigerator. While not Miss Maude’s best look, it is safe to eat, and perfectly delicious.

+ Shipping

Most destinations will arrive within 7 business days with standard shipping. Options for faster shipping exist in checkout.

  • Heat Alert

    Miss Maude becomes an angry, hot mess in the heat. In order to reduce the risk of melted chocolate we include ice packs to climates 75 degrees or higher. In some heat waves we will require that shipping be upgraded to ensure you receive a beautiful product. And in cases where the temperature sores over 100 degrees we stay inside until the wave passes.

+ Returns

If you are ever less than thrilled with Miss Maude’s, please email straight away and we will send you replacement chocolate or a refund.

+ Large Orders & Wholesale

Miss Maude adores her wholesale partners! Wherever and whatever your business we would be thrilled to supply you with chocolate for your clients who want it all. Miss Maude’s Bar of Chocolates will add mad cap style and decadence to your gourmet shop, specialty store, clothing boutique, studio, gift basket, tea house, or anywhere epicures gather.

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+ What To Do When You Aren’t Eating Chocolate

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